Natural wood is increasingly present in  modern bathroom. Moreover  the  presence of this - fractious and expensive material near the shower is imperative sign for luxury. Thanks to modern technology wood can be in the center of each interior, even in wet premises. It is treated with special impregnating oils and varnish, protected with UV filters in order not to change its original color in time. Question of awareness, imagination and proper operation is the natural wood to be installed in the bathroom.


Woodland’s bath furniture is the undisputable hit in the company’s work.

They are made only from natural wood and besides that they are nice, they are water-proof.

Woodland develops the bath furniture in several series, according to the desires of it’s clients The group of Classic furniture . They give to your bathroom a solid and impressive look. The group of Modern furniture - includes furniture with more simple design.


These series include furniture with more simple design.
They are convenient for the bathrooms where you want to combine commodity and comfort

This is luxury furniture, with massive forms and design.
They give to your bathroom a solid and impressive look.

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